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our motivation stems from satisfied customers

case stories

With over 6000 installations worldwide, our track record speaks for itself. We take pride in the numerous success stories and satisfied customers who have benefited from our solutions. Below are a select few examples showcasing the effectiveness of our offerings in addressing diverse challenges and delivering tangible results.


83% increase in production capacity

In the face of limited production capacity within Klümper’s current floorspace and ceiling height, it seemed both challenging and prohibitively expensive to expand the production facilities. However, the introduction of a new weigher with an enhanced and user-friendly control system emerged as a promising solution.


an impressive roi less than one year

By harnessing the capabilities of a flexible and mobile solution, Nordex Food not only met the challenges posed by dynamic production requirements but also unlocked newfound operational efficiency, which freed up the equivalent of two to three full-time positions within the production facility.


low total cost of ownership

The implemented solution not only fulfilled Gjuteriteknik’s immediate need to streamline workflows but also yielded significant returns. Reliable backup support and the potential for system updates was of paramount importance in the decision-making process. Not only does the solution operate reliably and flawlessly, but all wear parts are easily replaceable, significantly lowering the total cost of ownership compared to others.


streamlined workflows & automation

The solution not only addresses Techno Skruv’s need to streamline workflows and automate production, resulting in operational efficiency, but also seamlessly adapts to shifting production demands and fluctuations, ensuring high efficiency throughout. It not only facilitates easy shifts but also makes it possible to  repurpose positions for other crucial functions within the facility, ultimately boosting productivity and profitability.

"if production couldn’t be increased within the existing floorspace and ceiling height, we would have had to disappoint our growing customer base or undertake the challenging and costly task of expanding the production facility.
given our positive experiences with bilwinco multihead weighers in terms of quality, reliability, and local service, it made perfect sense for us to approach bilwinco for a proposal for a new system. the new weigher is equipped with a user-friendly control system, making operation easier."
Bernd Egberts

Mr. Bernd Egberts, Technical Manager, Klümper GmbH