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Cereals & Grains

packaging solutions for cereals & grains

Welcome to the world of cereal & grain packaging, where precision, speed, and efficiency are essential for meeting consumer demands. From breakfast cereals to grains used in baking and cooking, the cereal & grain industry encompasses a wide range of products that require careful handling and accurate packaging.

Multihead weighers play a crucial role in this industry by ensuring that each package contains the correct weight of cereal or grain, maintaining consistency and quality across the production line. Whether packaging individual servings of cereal or bulk quantities of grains, multihead weighers offer versatility and precision to meet the diverse needs of cereal & grain manufacturers.

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Cereals and grains are essential components of human diets, offering vital nutrients for sustained energy and overall health. From traditional breakfasts to modern innovations like granola, these versatile ingredients cater to diverse tastes and nutritional needs. Across cultures, cereals and grains feature prominently in morning meals, demonstrating their adaptability and enduring significance in balanced nutrition.

Trends and evolving consumer behavior require businesses to be agile and responsive, especially in the dynamic realm of cereals and grains where new and advanced packaging-styles with special features are constantly being developed and brought on the market. Your delicate products must be displayed in a unique way, making your products look better than others.

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Grain and cereals are by nature not free from dust and it can be a harsh environment. The portfolio of Bilwinco solutions are all dustproof having an IP classification. Furthermore, grains and cereals, their inherent versatility becomes essential for seamlessly accommodating the constant influx of new products and diverse packaging types along the production line.

At Bilwinco, we acknowledge the dynamic, and prioritize tailored handling and design considerations.

What distinguishes Bilwinco is our claim to being best in class in terms of the versatility of our designs. It goes beyond having a control system with 100 recipes; we offer a range of parameters that can be finely adjusted to precisely suit the characteristics of each product. 

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At Bilwinco, we understand the unique challenges of the cereal & grain industry, and we specialize in providing customized multihead weigher solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. With our advanced technology and expertise, we help cereal & grain manufacturers optimize their packaging processes, increase efficiency, and deliver products that meet the highest quality standards.

Partner with us to experience the benefits of precision packaging in the cereal & grain industry. Let us help you streamline your operations, reduce waste, and exceed customer expectations with our innovative multihead weigher solutions.

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Due to the direct weighing, self-adjusting and -taring properties of our weighing lines our accuracy is unsurpassed. And our custom-built distribution tools ensure accurate placing in the product receptacle every time, while our new recess-free chassis design makes cleaning and daily hygiene a breeze – a factor that, together with the interchangeable distribution tools, also contributes to our fast pro-duct changeover times.

Hygiene standards in the food industry are of the utmost importance, and our infeed systems and weighers are contructed with hygiene in mind. The materials used are selected for ease of cleaning and maintenance, meeting the stringent hygiene requirements essential for ensuring food safety. The commitment to hygiene underscores our dedication to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed the highest industry standards. 



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