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Pickled & Preserved

packaging solutions for pickled & preserved

In the realm of pickled and preserved foods, precision and consistency are paramount for ensuring quality and extending shelf life. Multihead weighers have emerged as indispensable tools for the packaging of these products, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in portioning and packaging. From pickled vegetables to preserved fruits and beyond, multihead weighers enable producers to maintain precise control over product weights while optimizing production speeds.

As consumer demand for convenient and flavorful preserved foods continues to grow, the role of multihead weighers becomes increasingly essential in meeting these expectations while upholding the integrity and freshness of the products.


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Pickled and preserved foods undergo unique processes such as pickling, canning, or fermenting, resulting in distinct flavors, textures, and appearances. While historically aimed at extending shelf life, modern preferences emphasize the enhanced taste and texture associated with these methods, reflecting cultural and regional diversity in preservation techniques and flavors.

Despite potential nutrient loss during preservation, certain nutrients may be retained, with fermentation in products like kimchi offering added nutritional value, particularly for gut health. The cultural and regional diversity of these products enriches the global culinary landscape, with growing recognition of their nutritional benefits contributing to their appeal in contemporary diets. 

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While multihead weighers offer numerous advantages in terms of speed, accuracy, and efficiency, there are specific challenges when dealing with pickled and preserved foods.

Stickiness and clumping can impact the accuracy of the weighing process by hindering the smooth flow of products through the weigher's buckets. To address this, Bilwinco incorporates specially designed scraper hoppers to ensure a consistent and accurate weighing process.

The density of pickled and preserved foods varies, requiring different designs for product reception. Whether through vibrating or rotating centers, the system needs to be adjustable to accommodate the diverse density of products.

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Preservation processes involving liquids in the form of brines, or syrups can create challenges for maintaining cleanliness. Bilwinco's multihead weighers are designed for easy and thorough wet cleaning, meeting hygiene standards with an IP 66K design for comprehensive cleaning. The abrasive nature of some preserved foods, often preserved with salt, can lead to wear and tear on equipment over time. Bilwinco mitigates this issue by constructing multihead weigher systems with durable and resistant materials.

The need for different packaging types and sizes in the pickled and preserved foods category is addressed by Bilwinco's range of distribution tools, ensuring versatility to handle various packaging formats. Bilwinco's commitment to create a solution meeting the needs and challenges underscores our understanding of pickled and preserved foods. This approach ensures that our multihead weighers are designed to handle the specific characteristics of your products.

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Our recess-free chassis design makes cleaning and daily hygiene effortless, contributing to fast product changeover times.

We prioritize hygiene in the food industry, constructing our infeed systems and weighers with materials that are easy to clean and maintain. These measures meet the stringent hygiene requirements necessary for ensuring food safety and demonstrate our commitment to delivering solutions that exceed industry standards.


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