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Non-food Applications

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unlock a world of possibilities with our high-quality weigher solutions

discover endless possibilities unleash a world of opportunities with our premium weigher solutions.
with a wealth of experience and a proven track record of over 6,000 successful installations, we recognize that each non-food product comes with unique challenges in the packaging process. our committed team of sales specialists and engineers is ready to offer expert guidance and craft tailored solutions that address the distinct requirements of your item.
going beyond mere weight considerations, all bilwinco weighers feature the ability to count pieces, empowering you to effortlessly create packages based on predetermined quantities. whether your products require precision or specialized packaging conditions, our multihead weighers provide unparalleled versatility and efficiency.
explore a myriad of applications where we can collaborate to build a customized solution that perfectly aligns with the specific needs of your non-food product.

Within the pharmaceutical application, a diverse range of products caters to various health needs. Below some examples of different categories within the realm of pharmaceutical in:

Vitamins and Minerals, Pills and tablets, Needles, Medicine wrapped in blisters, and other.


Within the cannabis application, a diverse array of products awaits exploration, each designed to cater to different preferences and needs. Here are distinctive categories within the realm of cannabis:

Dried Flower and Leaves, Concentrate, Pre-rolls and Joints, Seeds and Cultivation, and other.


Within the tobacco application, an extensive range of products caters to diverse preferences and experiences. Here are distinct categories within the realm of tobacco:

Chewing tobacco, Cigarettes and Cigars, Rolling Tobacco and Leaves, Pipe Tobacco, Nicotine Replacement, Hookah and Shisha, Filters and Accessories, and other.

cleaning products

Within the cleaning products application, a diverse array of effective and convenient solutions awaits. Here are specific categories for tabs, powder, cups, and more:

Dishwasher Tablets and Cups, Laundry Capsules and Detergent Powder, Cleaning Tabs and Pods, Surface Disinfectant Cups and Cleaning Tabs, and other. 

pet food

In the pet food application, a comprehensive range of nourishing options awaits for the furry companions. Below examples of specific categories for pet food: 

Dog Food, Puppy and Kitten Food, Dry Petfood, Treats and Snacks,  Chews, Chewing bones, Chunks, Rabbit food, Bird Seeds, Cat Food, Fish Food, and other.
agri business

In the agribusiness application, precision and efficiency are pivotal in optimizing agricultural processes. Explore a diverse array of products specifically tailored for categories within this agricultural realm:

Seed Distribution, Animal Feed Weighing, Vitamin Mixes for Animals, Fertilizer Blends, Forage and Silage Additives, Herbicide and Pesticide Packaging, Livestock Supplements, Mineral Mixes, Organic Farming Inputs, and other.


In the world of toys, precision and efficiency play a crucial role in delivering joy to young hearts. Explore a vibrant array of toys perfectly suited for multihead weighers, ensuring accurate and efficient packaging. Here are some examples within this playful realm:

Bricks and Building Blocks, Figures, Plush Toys, Games, Play Equipment, Board Games, Arts and Crafts Kits, Pearls, and other.

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