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washing and cleaning systems


today in most industry great demands are made on hygiene

The process and packing equipment must be easy-to-clean, and the working environment must be prepared for good hygiene. 

With leading biotechnological institutes, Bilwinco has developed a weighing and packing principle that focuses on cleaning friendliness, bacteria preventive designs and materials tolerating the aggressive environment in e.g. the wet food industry.

All equipment (feeding, weighing and filling systems, etc.) is designed with the highest attention to the hygiene concept of Bilwinco – just as Bilwinco has developed additional machinery to guarantee improved cleaning standards, i.e. the hygienic platform, etc.

efficient cleaning and maximum hygiene standards

bilwinco can deliver washing trolleys ensuring efficient and secure cleaning

  • No tools are required for dismantling the product zones for cleaning.

  • The weigher has an open design to ensure easy access for cleaning.

  • The weigher is built up around a cone or is equipped with an overhang. All tube constructions and profiles are “prism-design” to avoid horizontal surfaces where residues may deposit.

  • All joints have been fully welded.

  • All materials are certified for use with food products and withstand aggressive detergents and disinfectants.

  • Sealing class IP67. The equipment withstands high-pressure hosing.

  • All machines are equipped with software ensuring quick and efficient cleaning.