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Hardware Weighers

bilwinco hardware weighers are build to last

 we pride ourselves on crafting solutions that are unparalleled and tailored for the most demanding production environments, where downtime is simply not acceptable. with over 6,000 successful installations worldwide in recent years, we've solidified our reputation as a respected company. at bilwinco, we excel at designing solutions that cater to your specific needs by innovatively combining existing technologies and machines. our commitment lies in delivering high-quality, reliable machines that our customers can depend on, ensuring seamless operations even in the most rigorous of settings.
crafted by our skilled in-house production team, each of our weighers boasts robust construction and components. specifically
engineered to tackle rugged, heavy hardware products, our solutions prioritize accuracy, efficiency, and a conducive working environment with reduced noise levels. we prioritize collaboration, listening attentively, analysing requirements, and tailoring solutions to fit your needs.

hardware multihead weighers

By completely rethinking the way we handle your product, from the product infeed over the centre cone and into the individual weigher heads we have accomplished nothing less than a performance leap in this crucial area. Our vibrator technology can be set to move almost any product carefully and efficiently. 

Since 1955, Bilwinco has been offering weighing solutions for hardware packaging from stand alone weighers to complete solutions. We offer both linear weighers and multihead weighers. 

Hardware weigher
Hardware Linear Weigher2

a linear weighing solution

For customers who want to package hardware in small production quantities our linear weighing machines are particularly suitable. The items are automatically transferred
from the feed hopper to the vibrating chute. Subsequently, they are automatically conveyed to both the bulk and fine trays,
arranged linearly. Optimal operation relies on proper separation of items in the vibrating trays and continuous supply.

Hardware bucket

inhouse production

Renowned as the best in the market since 1955, BILWINCO ensures that every machine leaving the factory undergoes a customized routine, guaranteeing an ideal amplitude and frequency tailored to the specific product and project requirements. All components are manufactured and assembled inhouse.


significant noise reduction

Our durable and reliable scale buckets are covered with a soft coating designed to last, reducing noise, and providing a better work environment. In addition, the rubber coating is beneficial for products that need to be protected.


a highly effective central vibrator

A critical factor in achieving high speed and accuracy is the ability to transport the product flawlessly. Bilwinco excels in this aspect with its high-power vibration, employing flexible frequency and adjustable amplitude. Renowned as the best in the market since 1955, Bilwinco ensures that every machine leaving the factory undergoes a customized routine, guaranteeing an ideal amplitude and frequency tailored to the specific product and project requirements.


tailormade solutions 

Whether heavy, sharp, tricky, or simply special, BILWINCO provides the answer. As the only supplier in the business, we develop our own weighers, controls, and software. This makes us the perfect partner if you are looking for unique solutions custom-made for your special needs.

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lowest total cost of ownership and unbeatable give-away

What sets our multihead weighers apart is their innovative gasket-free direct weighing feature, which not only ensures accuracy but also reduces give-away by an impressive 25% compared to traditional multihead weighers.

We manufacture all our components for multihead scales in-house, assembling and testing systems at the factory before shipment. This ensures the highest quality and reliability, with our scales capable of lasting for many years.

Wear parts are easily replaceable, keeping repair and spare part costs down. Overall, this results in the lowest cost of ownership (coo) in the market, and the investment is quickly recouped.