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Multihead Weighers

dependable weighing systems engineered for longevity

with more than 6.000 successful installations worldwide in recent years, we have maintained our position as a respected company. at bilwinco, we pride ourselves on the ability to design multihead weigher solutions that meet your specific needs by combining existing technologies and machines in new and innovative ways. we are known for designing and building high-quality, machines that our customers can rely on.

lowest total cost of ownership and unbeatable give-away

what sets our multihead weighers apart is their innovative gasket-free direct weighing feature, which not only ensures accuracy but also reduces giveaway by an impressive 25% compared to traditional multihead weighers.
we manufacture all our components for multihead weighers  in-house, assembling and testing systems at the factory before shipment. this ensures the highest quality and reliability, with our weighers capable of lasting for many years. wear parts are easily replaceable, keeping repair and spare part costs down. overall, this results in the lowest cost of ownership (coo) in the market, and the investment is quickly recouped.

compact revolution

The BILWINCO series of our efficient and compact revolution multihead weighers - c-series - ensures smaller footprint, higher speeds and better performance.

With an overall compact design and advanced self-tuning control for vibratory pans, the C-Series guarantees high-speed weighing with unparalleled accuracy. The new control system operates with increased resolution and a processing speed three times faster than before. Seamless and precise product flow to the double-gate buckets at low drop heights is just one reason we excel in this field. Bilwinco has maintained its position as the leader in powerful vibration technology since 1955, ensuring you receive fast and accurate dosing 24/7.

Udklip RW112W

multihead revolution weigher

By completely rethinking the way we handle your product, from the product infeed over the centre cone and into the individual weigher heads we have accomplished nothing less than a performance leap in this crucial area. Our vibrator technology can be set to move almost any product carefully and efficiently, including difficult products such as wet, sticky/ greasy, and fragile products. 


nothing but the best load cell on the market 

BILWINCO stands out as the sole multihead scale in the market, providing an unparalleled load cell that is unbreakable and reliable. Our advanced technology allows for gasket-free direct weighing, along with a robust 300% overload protection in all directions. Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing load cells, as our innovative design ensures longevity and durability. With Bilwinco, you can expect maximum uptime, while minimizing giveaways and reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Load cell

a highly effective central vibrator 

A critical factor in achieving high speed and accuracy is the ability to transport the product flawlessly. BILWINCO excels in this aspect with its high-power vibration, employing flexible frequency and adjustable amplitude. Renowned as the best in the market since 1955, Bilwinco ensures that every machine leaving the factory undergoes a customized routine, guaranteeing an ideal amplitude and frequency tailored to the specific product and project requirements.

easy operation 

Experience the convenience of our multihead weighers, equipped with the largest Touch Screen HMI available. With a generous 15" screen, this user-friendly interface offers OEE readings (Operating Equipment Efficiency), Statistical data, Help and Trouble Shooting Menus, and so much more. Encased in a sleek stainless steel IP65 frame, the HMI is not only stylish but also easy to clean. As an added bonus, the optional operatortime-saving camera allows you to survey the top of the multihead from floor level, giving you the ability to direct the cam and zoom in if needed. Discover a new level of efficiency and convenience with the Bilwinco Revolution Series.

Easy operation
Vejebeholdere CD

reliable scale buckets

Our reliable scale buckets are designed with both convenience and hygiene in mind. They can be easily cleaned in place or removed for thorough sanitation, thanks to their interchangeable and robust stainless steel construction. What sets our dual gated buckets apart is their slightly larger size, offering numerous advantages when it comes to accommodating various product sizes and portion volumes.

true multihead

Each channel in our True Multihead system is equipped with its own pre-charge bucket and weighing bucket, revolutionizing the way you handle product build-up, cleanliness, and product damage. With our innovative design, you can say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with multiple buckets and hello to a streamlined and efficient operation. By eliminating the need for additional combination buckets, our machines not only save you valuable time and effort but also reduce the chances of product contamination. Experience the difference of True Multihead and discover a new level of productivity and precision in your packaging process.

True Multihead

hygienic design and great functionality

Ensuring easy and full access to the main scale control is crucial for every customer. Our multihead scale, which is known for its exceptional hygiene, comes with hygienic waterproof cabinets as well. Even the smallest details matter, such as the door being protected under an angled roof, as it greatly enhances the daily sanitation process. With an IP67 waterproof rating, our scale is guaranteed to withstand multiple sanitations throughout the day. Its fully welded and sleek body eliminates any unhygienic edges or overlapping seams. Additionally, our scale features a self-draining design that prevents the accumulation of moisture on horizontal surfaces.

electrical or pneumatic?

At Bilwinco, we offer a comprehensive range of multihead weighers equipped with both electrical and pneumatic actuators. This means we cater to diverse customer needs and application requirements. Whether you prioritize precision and accuracy with electrical actuators or seek robustness and speed with pneumatic actuators, our solutions are designed to deliver exceptional performance across various production environments. With our versatile offerings, we ensure that you have the flexibility to choose the actuation technology that best suits your specific application, backed by our commitment to quality and reliability.


The Bilwinco multihead weigher programme covers portion sizes from 10 g to 25 kg and weighing capacities up to 300 portions per minute. 

Because weighing needs differ from product to product we have divided our weighers into two groups:

  1. One designed to handle wet products (W types)
  2. Another designed to handle dry products (D types).

This means optimized performance and cost-effective performance in every product group.

Below is an outline of our products, including details on weighing range, bucket volume and portion capacity.

Multihead weighers Food


RW100 W series Food


RW100 D series Food


RW200 W series Food


RW compact series food


why choose bilwinco as partner

Well-known for reliable, durable and tailormade solutions

  • high-quality performance

    Elevate your packaging processes with our high-quality solutions, ensuring precision and reliability for consistent results.

  • intuitive interface

    Experience seamless operations with our user-friendly interface, designed for simplicity and efficiency in every step of the weighing process.

  • multifunctional excellence

    Embrace versatility with our multifunctional weighers, catering to a spectrum of packaging needs with precision and adaptability.

  • full Stainless construction

    Elevate hygiene standards with our weighers featuring full stainless constructions, ensuring durability, cleanliness, and compliance with the highest industry standards.

  • most hygienic multihead weigher

    Prioritize safety with our state-of-the-art multihead weigher, recognized for its exceptional hygienic design to meet the stringent requirements of both the food and non-food industry.

  • modular design for minimal downtime

    Minimize disruptions in your operations with our weighers' modular design, facilitating quick and easy component replacement to keep your production running smoothly with minimal downtime.

  • low total cost of ownership (TCO)

    Optimize your investment with our solutions designed for efficiency and longevity, ensuring a low total cost of ownership over the lifespan of your equipment.

  • maximize roi

    Achieve a rapid return on investment (ROI) with our cutting-edge weighers, delivering increased productivity, reduced waste, and enhanced operational efficiency

  • efficient and sustainable practices

    Embrace environmentally conscious operations with our efficient and sustainable solutions, promoting responsible packaging practices without compromising performance.

we are ready to find the right solution to your problem