Intelligent weighing, filling and packaging solutions custom-made to make your business more profitable  

Knowing your products makes the difference
BILWINCO stands for practical and profitable solutions, solutions designed to work in your production 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our know-how covers practically all types of food products from convenience foods (such as salads, pizzas and ready meals) to meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, bread and confectionery. We know what it takes, whether your product is fresh, frozen, wet or dry, fragile or extremely sticky. Making life easy for you is our number one priority from design through pre-test, engineering, installation, commission- ing and service.

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Promoting productivity – promoting profit
BILWINCO solutions are custom-made, based on careful studies of your products, production lines and possible problem areas. We provide semi or fully automatic units and complete solutions covering feeding, multi- head weighing, filling, portioning, position- ing and packaging, transport, traceability, data management and of course, service. Everything is geared towards increasing your productivity, decreasing your maintenance costs and promoting your overall profit.

Mobility for flexibility
The core of every BILWINCO solution is a mobile BILWINCO multihead weigher. Mobility means height adjustability for handling different packaging sizes. It means easy changeover between production lines making sure your equipment is fully utilized. And it means top hygienic conditions. You simply roll the weigher away to the cleaning area for a complete high-pressure wash-down.

Innovative thinking since 1955
BILWINCO is the most experienced supplier of complete packaging lines in the business. BILWINCO’s track record dates back to 1955. From the very beginning innovation has been our driving force. Our aim is to continuously set new standards that will provide our customers with world-class solutions and a leading competitive edge.