High-quality weighing and packaging machinery.

Bilwinco is a leading manufacturer of weighing and packaging machinery for the food and Hardware industries. With more than 5,000 successful installations in recent years, we have maintained our position as a respected worldwide company. At Bilwinco, we pride ourselves on the ability to design solutions that meet your specific needs by combining existing technologies and machines in new and innovative ways.

We have a reputation for designing and building high-quality, machines that our customers can trust.

We focus on building successful long-term relationships with our customers. Understanding your business and the potential challenges it faces is a critical step to delivering solutions that make an impactful difference.

In 2003 Claus Pedersen became a shareholder in the Bilwinco and in 2012 Claus Pedersen took over the whole company and started to redesign the whole product line and improve the quality of the product maintaining the core values of Bilwinco and making his mark on the company. Furthermore, Claus Pedersen established Bilwinco Production and all our products are manufactured entirely in house. He has taken Bilwinco to another level.

We are represented in many countries over the world. Bilwinco has formed many strong partnerships throughout the industry, ensuring the right solutions are delivered to you. Together, we deliver cutting-edge machinery, integrated into one solution and supported by local, qualified representatives to ensure each solution continues to meet the needs of your business.

Please find your local representative on our list of dealers or contact us directly, if your country is not listed.

At Bilwinco, we focus on quality and long-lasting relationships when designing and manufacturing our machines. In order to meet the increasing demands of the industry, we deliver industry leading solutions - all purchased, installed and serviced from a partner near you or by a Bilwinco Service Center.

Bilwinco A/S is a privately owned family business, with headquarter in, Hjørring, Denmark and a subdivision in Chicago, USA.The company was founded in 1952. All Bilwinco machinery was automated in 1985 and gradually more and more intelligence has been added to the machines ever since.

Since 1980, the capacity of Bilwinco machinery has improved op to 300 portions per minute.

Bilwinco’s persistent focus on quality and innovation has enabled Bilwinco, not only to follow technological development in the market, but to become the innovator setting international standards within certain segments of the industry.